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Claim Back Your Pre-Motherhood Appearance by Getting a Mommy Makeover Procedure

A female's system is dramatically stressed during and after pregnancy. Oftentimes a diet program and the most arduous exercise plan are not enough to regain a new mother's pre-baby figure. However, nowadays there's a way out of this problem - the mommy makeover procedure. This surgical procedure is typically conducted as a single-session package and includes breast enlargement, liposuction, and a tummy tuck.

The Tummy Tuck
A tummy tuck will require making an incision along the pubis (pubic bone) and tightening the muscle tissues in the abdomen. Ahead of removing loose skin, the operating doctor may choose to employ the liposuction to get rid of small unwanted fat deposits. The amount of skin and muscle looseness can vary, calling for varied methods to be used. The nature of the procedure determines the size of the scar. If a mommy has a scar left by an incision produced during a C-section, the cosmetic surgeon can eliminate that scar when he does the tummy tuck. That way there will be just one remaining scar rather than two.
In order to accentuate the waist and sculpt the tummy liposuction is applied to get rid of fat tissue. A thin tube is inserted under the surface of the skin and moved about in order to loosen fat cells.Suction is used through the tube to take excess fat from the body. Modern day procedures use thinner tubing and smaller sized incisions, permitting the doctor to shape the body more effectively.

Breast Enhancement


A loss of breast tissue can occur because of breastfeeding a baby. The loss is the result of normal hormonal changes which develop after having your baby. A breast enhancement by using implants or a breast lift can restore a new mother's breasts to their pre-motherhood size and contour.
Either saline or silicone breast implants can be selected. For a natural appearance, silicone breast implants are ordinarily the best option. Moms can also choose to have breast enhancement that makes her breasts bigger and fuller than they were before. The incision can be made in the breast crease, in the armpit, or about the nipple area, through which the breast implants are inserted. Given that the surgeon requires adequate access to adjust the tissues, placement through the armpit might not be doable if the breasts are sagging excessively.
If a mom wants her breasts to position higher up on her chest, but is happy with her breast size, the breast lift is the most suitable option. Removing excessive breast tissue can sometimes lead to an improvement in the mother's appearance. The scar will always be left following the breast augmentation procedure. The woman should be informed of this before the operation. The specified treatment and the placement area will determine the length of the scar. Following a breast lift operation, the mother may expect to have a scar extending from the nipple area to the crease of the breast. In some cases, it may also continue along the crease also.
Modern day surgical procedures are very effective for sculpting the mom's body. Upon going through the procedure, moms may use numerous additional products to improve their physical appearance and quality of their skin. There are various prescribed creams offered to help firm loose skin. Stretch marks crop up when the skin expands faster than normal. Some stretch marks will disappear over time but for the ones that don't, a plastic surgeon should be able to utilize a laser to reduce or eliminate them using a procedure called skin resurfacing.